Andale! Netflix Streams to Latin America

43 New Markets for Netflix

The big question surrounding Netflix for the last few years has been, how does one of Silicon Valley's biggest success stories keep moving forward?  It's a nice problem to have, just ask Apple, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.  All of those companies have rised to the challenge, avoiding the hot flash fate seen by companies like Friendster, MySpace and Netscape.

The cool thing, if you're a Netflix customer or shareholder, is that the Los Gatos company keeps on respoonding to the question.  You can almost see the eyes roll at the firm's headquarters every time someone askes, "but what about Apple?  Comcast?  Google?  Amazon?"  Each time, Netflix responds, and each time the company takes another step forward, and away from the pack.

The latest move has the streamer looking south, at  43 markets in Latin America and the Caribbean that will be able to stream movies and TV shows from Netflix -- so far, it's only been available in the US and Canada.  Soon, you'll be able to watch "Hot Tub Time Machine," or those "Lost" reruns in Spanish and Portuguese, as well as English.

And did I mention Netflix investors?  After spending the last two years thumbing their noses at the uncertain stock market, more rejoicing this morning from Netflix (NFLX) shareholders:  A new all-time high reached on the LatAm news.  They're celebrating America's birthday, by expanding into new territory.

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