Android Web Browser on Average 52% Faster Than IPhone's Safari

Some 45,000 tests later and Android is victorious against the iPhone — at least from a web browser speed test perspective. Pitting an iPhone 4 running the latest iOS 4.3 against a Google Nexus S on Android 2.3, the Android web browser smoked the iPhone 4 easily when loading up web pages.

An extremely thorough test by Blaze Software has surfaced that reports the Android web browser is typically 52% faster than on Safari for iPhone. On average the iPhone took 3.2 seconds to load a site versus Android's 2.1 seconds.

This is huge news. The iPhone has always been speedy and snappy despite weaker hardware than its competitors, but this test between Apple's best vs. Google's best is pretty good anecdotal proof that Android is a worthy competitor. And we all know that competition only breeds better goods for us all.

But golly, it seems like everyone is smoking Apple at the web browsing speed test these days. If Apple doesn't step it up, its iOS Safari is going to feel like a dinosaur.

Blaze, via Gizmodo

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