Andy Warhol Goes Live in Golden Gate Park

New show goes behind the famous artist

An Andy Warhol retrospective starts this weekend at the de Young Museum but you don't have to wait that long to learn about the inner workings of the master artist.

Pop art will be the big thing in Golden Gate Park for the next three months, from Feb. 14 to May 17 as the de Young Museum transforms for "Warhol Live."

So why bring together the worlds of art, music, fashion and film to "define" the work of Andy Warhol?

"We think we know Warhol because he did the Brillo boxes, he did Marilyn Monroe and the Campbell Soup cans," said Stephane Aquin, the organizing curator for "Warhol Live." "But in fact there's so much more to Warhol than just painting commercial images and being a pop artist."

And the experience is immersive, not just a stroll through a gallery But a labyrinth of color, lights and sound with a flare for the unexpected.

"I think this is a huge eye opener for people," Aquin said. "Looking at Andy Warhol's oeuvre over that many years. Through the lens of the Rolling Stones that we hear now, just behind us shows that he was an evolving dimensional artist."

And these factory direct works of Warhol span five decades of the artist's work from the 1940s to the late 1980s.

"It certainly brings together the many different aspects of his work from painting to film to record cover design to photography --- and it certainly cuts a very clear line throughout his work (and) explains fundamental aspects of it and tells a beautiful story," Aquin said.

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