San Francisco

Annual Income of $117,400 in San Francisco Qualifies for Low-Income Housing

In most of America, a family of four making more than $115,000 a year would be living rather comfortably. But in the Bay Area, the Department of Housing and Urban Development says you're living in poverty.

In a new report, HUD says you can now earn six figures here and still qualify for low-income housing programs. According to the latest guidelines, a family of four making $117,400 a year in San Mateo, San Francisco and Marin counties qualifies for their low-income housing programs.

For comparison, it's $94,456 in Santa Clara County and $89,600 a year for Alameda and Contra Costa counties. San Jose's First Community Housing says they used to serve mainly homeless people, but that is no longer the case.

"When people have trouble finding housing, they tend to want to move," said Michael Santero with First Community Housing. "Until they get into a better situation, I think it becomes very unstable for the area."

HUD income limits for places like Nevada and Texas is what you would expect -- they are much lower than the Bay Area with $47,000 in Nevada and $38,000 in Texas.

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