Stephen Ellison

Another Apple Store Hit by Brazen Robbers in Burlingame

Thieves made off with $50,000 in iPhones and laptops just after the store opened

In the latest of a string of brazen robberies, thieves rushed into a Burlingame Apple store Sunday and ran out with iPhones and laptops worth $50,000, police said.

It’s the fifth time in the past two weeks a Bay Area Apple store has been hit, and it matches the M.O. in a rash of recent Apple store thefts, police said.

A group of men wearing hoodies ran in through the front door of the Burlingame store about 11:30 a.m. Sunday, just after it opened, and ripped phones and laptops out of the table displays then sprinted back outside into a waiting getaway vehicle, Burlingame police said.

The suspects were in and out of the store in less than a minute. Three suspects ran inside while the fourth sat in the waiting car, police said. No employees or customers wee hurt.

The suspect vehicle is a gray Volvo, possibly an S70 sedan. The suspects are described as in their late teens or early 20s, police said.

The thieves stole 30 iPhones and six computers, all display models, police said.

Investigators have obtained surveillance video, but it has not been released, as it is an ongoing investigation, police said.

The robbery is similar to those that occurred Aug. 25 in Walnut Creek and Aug. 22 in Corte Madera.

Thieves were also caught on surveillance cameras Wednesday in Santa Rosa, where they hit the Apple store and got away $35,000 in electronics, police said.

No weapons were used in any of the crimes, and so far no one has been injured.

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