Another iPhone Prototype Lost at Bar

Not a year goes by that Apple doesn't lose an iPhone prototype at a bar! Ok, so it's only been two years, but hey, that's two years in a row!

According to CNET, the iPhone was left at Cava 22 in the Mission District back in July. A source says Apple jumped to secure the device's safe return, by contacting SFPD, and electronically tracking the phone.

The phone was traced to a two story, single-family home in Bernal Heights, but when police and Apple investigators arrived, the occupant, a man in his twenties, denied knowing anything about it.

Officers searched the house, and found nothing. When an Apple representative offered cash with no questions asked, the man still denied knowing anything about the lost device.

It is believed the phone was sold on Craigslist, for $200, but no known photos or information about the software have surfaced.

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