Bourdain: SF ‘…a Two-Fisted Drinking Town’

Bourdain praises San Francisco in recent interview.


Anthony Bourdain's new show "The Layover" debuted this week. It features the Travel Channel star visiting cities for 48 hours or less and taking you on a tour of the best places to eat and drink. One of the stops this season, San Francisco.

While the episode has not aired yet, we know Bourdain was impressed by his visit. In a recent interview with The New York Times, the foodie named SF his favorite city for eating in the United States.

"Anyone who doesn't have a great time in San Francisco is pretty much dead to me," Bourdain told the Times. "You go there as a snarky New Yorker thinking it's politically correct, it's crunchy granola, it's vegetarian, and it surprises you every time. It's a two-fisted drinking town, a carnivorous meat-eating town, it's dirty and nasty and wonderful.

"There are a bunch of great bars in Chinatown: Mr. Bing's, Li Po and then the fantastic Zam Zam Room in the Haight. It is definitely a place untouched by time."

When it comes to steakhouses, Bourdain praised the House of Prime Rib. While he admits it is not the best steak he's ever had, he likes that he was served up a big slab of prime rim, large martinis and Yorkshire pudding.

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