Peaceful Anti-Trump Rally in San Jose Fights for Immigrants, Refugees

Protesters on Saturday took to the streets of San Jose to fight for immigrant and refugee rights as the inauguration of Donald Trump looms.

Hundreds of people flashed "Resist Trump's Hate" and "We are Here to Stay" signs as they journeyed to various downtown locations, including San Jose City Hall and the Robert F. Peckham Federal Building.

"We're here to send a strong message that immigrants, whether they're documented or undocumented, are here to stay," Richard Konda from the Asian Law Alliance said. "They're families, they're people who contribute to the community."

Protester Mariacela Gutierrez offered a similar sentiment before taking direct aim at the president-elect.

"We're here to take a stand on the anti-immigrant and anti-refugee rhetoric that's been said loud and clear by the incoming president," she said.

Unlike an anti-Trump rally in the South Bay city last summer that turned violent, Saturday's protest remained peaceful.

A slew of other protests are expected to take place across the United States over the next several days as the country gears up for inauguration day on Jan. 20.

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