Antioch Considers Hiring Contractor to Address Complaints Over Wild Roosters

The City of Antioch is looking to hire a contractor in response to wild roosters and hens.

Dozens of residents started complaining two years ago about the neighborhood pests. Most of the issues revolve around the all-day and all-night noise the roosters and hens make in the eastern part of the city.

"It's an area that we annexed from the county last year," Antioch Police Chief Allan Cantando said.

Cantando said the department's animal control officers are not trained to deal with wild animals. The city in response is considering spending $7,000 on a contractor to address the issue.

"They would be either killed by the eradicator and given to us for disposal," Cantando said. "Or if they are brought here they are going to be euthanized."

The chief argues it is the residents who should be addressing the issue.

"Because it was non-vicious wildlife, it was up to the residents to deal with that," Cantando said.

Some residents claim the issue is not a top priority for the city.

"If it was anything else they would spend the money to do it," resident Elroy Booker said.

One thing everyone agrees on is the animals need to go.

"They are so cute when they are small," resident Irma Rodriguez said. "But once they are big, they are just horrible."

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