Antioch Mother Willing to Fight “Until Hell Freezes Over” for Speed Bumps in Her Neighborhood

An Antioch mother continues to fight for installing a speed bump outside her home after her son was fatally struck by a speeding driver in the neighborhood.

Linda Hudson lost her 47-year-old son, Tim Hudson, in a car accident in May. To protect others, she installed speed bumps outside her home later that month. City officials said the speed bumps were illegal and removed them a week later.

Linda Hudson met with Assistant City Engineer Lynne Filson on Monday night to present a petition with hundreds of signatures favoring the safety feature.

Filson said a traffic survey near Hudson’s house did not show a high enough percentage of speeding drivers to warrant the speed bumps, but she said the policy could change.

"All I want is a speed bump in front of my home," Linda Hudson said. "You put it in or I will put it in. We'll keep playing that game until hell freezes over." 

It is estimated that speed bumps, if done to city code, cost around $7,500 each.

Linda Hudson said she will ask for a loan if need be and will put them in herself. She added she is willing to spend jail time for putting the speed bumps again.

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