Antioch Teacher's Aide Arrested After Video Appears to Show Assault of Special Needs Student

A special education teacher's aide in Antioch, California, has been arrested over video that appears to show the 26-year-old woman assaulting a student at school, police said.

Police identified the teacher's aide as Kamaljot Kaur, an Antioch resident. Kaur has been arrested on a charge of felony child abuse, according to police. She was taken into custody at the Martinez Detention Facility and being held there on $100,000 bail.

The video, which surfaced online, appears to show a woman smacking a 9-year-old boy from Oakland in the face while two other people restrain the child at Tobinworld School, a private school for special needs students from more than 15 East Bay school districts.

Another clip included in the video shows the boy being roughed up, held down and abused. According to the Contra Costa Times, a Tobinworld employee took the video and posted the clips Tuesday on Snapchat, because she found them disturbing. She then captured the images and alerted Tobinworld's principal and police.

"I was shocked and horrified," parent Alyson Boyd said of the alleged incident.

Boyd said her 5-year-old son attended Tobinworld until Wednesday morning, but will not return after she saw the footage.

"Especially when it's a child with special needs that has trouble verbalizing certain things and can't tell you," Boyd said. "It's scary."

Peter Alfert, an East Bay attorney investigating the school on behalf of concerned parents, called the video "horrible." He sent NBC Bay Area a copy of the video in question.

"I know there have been complaints for years. I currently represent one family that had a young child at the school and removed her child because he said he was being abused," Alfert said.

Tobinworld School issued a statement saying it only found out about the alleged incident Wednesday morning when the video went viral.

"We immediately suspended the staff involved, called the children and family services and notified the Antioch police. The student in the video returned to school today, uninjured, and has been in class all day," Tobinworld School said in a statement. "We are in the process of conducting a full investigation into the incident. Tobinworld takes this event extremely seriously and will take all necessary actions once we have the full facts in this matter."

It wasn't immediately known if Kaur had hired an attorney who could comment on the allegations.

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