Apple Already Testing Next Mac OS X

OS X Lion is just a little over three months old and Apple's already working on the next installment of its desktop and notebook operating system. What kind of changes will OS X 10.8 bring?

MacRumors reports that computers with IP addresses from within Apple are already pinging its website, signaling that OS X 10.8 (Lion is 10.7) is already going through preliminary testing. 9to5Mac is also reporting computers using OS X 10.8 visiting its website as well.

Based on Apple's established OS X release pattern, MacRumors surmises that Apple will release OS X 10.8 in 2013. The last OS X release — Snow Leopard 10.6 was released in 2009. The cycle seems to be every two years for a new version of OS X.

I've been using OS X for over three months now and although I've mostly adjusted to the many controversial changes to features such as natural scrolling, Mission Control, Launchpad and Spaces, I still think it could use a lot more polish. There are

iOS is a fine operating system — for the iPhone and iPad, but what I would call a workhorse that many professionals expect from a desktop and notebook OS that established itself over a decade ago. In attempting to bridge iOS with OS X, it can be said that Apple over-simplified things, alienating professionals in the process.

Tech bloggers have called OS X Lion the last major update before iOS completely takes over in the next version and I kind of agree. OS X Lion is Apple sailing its ship on uncharted waters — transitioning iOS users to OS X.

Once that's done, Apple can just forge ahead and drop OS X. I enjoy both OS X and iOS, just as I do Windows 7 and Windows 8's MetroUI. Both versions of the OSes serve their own purposes, and it'd be a shame if Apple completely rewrites OS X 10.8 so that it's more iOS and less OS X.

If the success of OS X Lion being downloaded over 1 million times in its first 24 hours is any indication, we can sure that OS X 10.8 will definitely be offered as a digital download.

Via MacRumors

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