Apple Hammering Nails in Flash’s Coffin

Getty Images

Remember Flash? No, not Rosco's dog on "The Dukes of Hazzard," I mean the video plugin. While it's still a pretty popular format for video on the web, Steve Jobs and Apple are changing the playing field once more.

Web video portal MeFeedia gathered data on 30 million videos from 30,000 sites, and found 63% of them support HTML5 - the same format used by the iPhone, and iPad, reports Business Insider.

Initially everyone thought Jobs was crazy for denying Flash on the new technology. (He really seemed to hate it. My theory was that maybe someone from Adobe slept with Jobs' wife or something) But it turns out he was right, Flash just isn't ideal for the hardware that would be running it.

Companies like Motorola and Research in Motion thought offering Flash on their devices would set them apart from Apple, but if things keep up the way they are, they may have to rethink that decision.

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