Apple and Samsung to Bury the Hatchet in May

Getty Images

Samsung and Apple executives will sit down and discuss a possible end to their patent wars.

The two mobile tech behemoths are scheduled for a courtroom discussion about a possible patent settlement starting May 21, according to court documents. Both Apple's Tim Cook and Samsung's Gee-Sung Choi, as well as lawyers for both firms, will meet May 21 and 22 in San Francisco, according to PCMag.

Both companies have to come up with a settlement statement by May 9 with their views on settling and other pertinent details. Florian Mueller, a patent blogger noted that Magistrate Judge Spero asked both companies to give "a candid evaluation of the parties' likelihood of prevailing on the claims and defenses," and is adamant about the emphasis on "candid" being placed by the judge, not him. Mueller also expressed serious doubts about both companies being willing to play nice.

Samsung and Apple agreed to the settlement talks earlier this month. If neither party agrees to a settlement it goes to trial in late July.

It would be to both companies' benefits to end the patent fight, because they rely on each other to make much of their money. Their symbiotic relationship is necessary. Without Samsung making parts for Apple and Samsung getting paid to do so, neither would likely be as profitable as they are today.

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