Apple Bans Immigrant-Smuggling Game


Wonder how not to get an app approved for Apple's App Store?

Submit a game about shaking a baby to death or smuggling a bunch of immigrants across the desert without getting them killed.

Apple has rejected an iPhone game called "Smuggle Truck," which challenges gamers to navigate a purple truck filled with immigrants across an unnamed desert into the country.

Lose too many illegal aliens on the bumpy back roads of the desert and you lose. Not surprisingly the game drew the ire of immigrants rights groups and Apple refused to stamp the developer's passport into the App Store before the game ever made it onto iPhones.

But to get around Apple's censors, Owlchemy Labs swapped the immigrants for fuzzy little critters.

"We submitted our satire 'Smuggle Truck' for availability on the iOS App Store. We were denied. We therefore decided to submit "Snuggle Truck," the developers said. "'Snuggle Truck' will feature a group of cuddly creatures escaping the wilderness for the comfort of the zoo, where they are provided plenty of food, shelter and state of the art health care."

For those who really want to play the game as it was intended to be seen can purchase the original version for use on Apple and PC computers.

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