Apple Bites Back at Google With Latest Purchase

Apple acquires Quattro Wireless for $275 million

Apple just couldn't help itself.

On a day that was suppose to be Google's moment to shine, Steve Jobs made a swift move to remind the search giant that while it tries to take a bite out of Apple's iPhone, his company will gladly return the favor.

Apple purchased mobile advertising company Quattro Wireless for $275 million on the day Google announced its new phone.

Google made a similar purchase when it took over AdMob for $750 million. Analysts saw the purchase, and Google's growing expansion into the cell phone industry, as the company's desire to expand its advertising business into the handheld world.

Apple's move Tuesday is a direct counter to the AdMob purchase, which some experts thought would trigger a chain reaction of investment in mobile ad companies.

Quattro and AdMob are direct competitors and Tuesday they were welcomed to the growing turf war between their parent companies.

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