Apple Could Delay IPad 2 International Launch

Be prepared to wait if you can't wait to get your hands on an iPad 2.

If you are living outside of the U.S., your wait could get even longer if history is any indication.

All Things D reports that "amazing" demand for Apple's latest edition of the wonder tablet has distribution backed up.

The wait time for the iPad 2 has gone from two to three days when ordering online to four to five weeks on last check because of exorbitant demand.  Seems like a lot of fuss over a lot of glue and tape.

For all its brilliance in marketing and fluffery you would think Apple could figure out a way to anticipate a rush on its products.

March 25 things could get even more complicated as the international market is set to become the playground of the iPad 2.

But when the original iPad launched last year, a similar rush forced Apple to push back the international launch of the tablet by one month.

Could the same thing happen again? Possibly. But with iPad 2's going for over $1,000 on the black market in Hong Kong, that may not go over too well.

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