Apple Flips for Flipboard

In case there was any doubt, Apple has done us all the favor of confirming that Flipboard is indeed the coolest iPad app around.

And considering that the tablet computer is still in its first year of infancy, that would make it the app of the year.

Apple named the app, that turns your social media feeds into a magazine, just that.

Flipboard launched in July and was truly the first viral hit on the iPad. Hype was so overblown for the app, that virtual lines were created to just get a chance to download the app.

Apple has been quick to push the app as well. In August, Steve Jobs and company featured Flipboard in a commercial for the iPad. The iPad-maker is currently showcasing the most popular apps from 2010 in iTunes.

Now the app has come full circle by being named Apple's first iPad app of the year.

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