Apple is Upping Its Game in the Health Care Industry

Tech giant is hiring doctors to help infuse health care expertise into design of Apple products

In a very bold statement for a tech company, Apple CEO Tim Cook recently said its greatest contribution to mankind will come in the world of health care.

So how can Apple blend technology and health?

In an exclusive interview, NBC Bay Area talked with the doctor spearheading Apple’s health care effort.

Dr. Sumbul Desai arrived at Apple from Stanford University to infuse health care into the way Apple products are designed. For example, the Apple Watch, which gives a user health data, ranging from how much they’re exercising to heart rate and whether they have a potential heart condition.

Desai says expect even more health-related data in the future.

"So, where we think things are gonna change is we think we as physicians will have a better picture of what’s going on as they live their life and have a better understanding of where we can help and where there may be potential issues," she said.

When asked about the always controversial subject of privacy, Desai says Apple is not using or selling patient data, something critically important to her coming from a medical practice. She also said users shouldn't worry about going to their own doctor with tech-inspired medical questions. She said that’s part of the plan.

"When someone comes in, you know you’re starting with an engaged patient, and that’s half the battle," she said. "When you take care of individuals, you want them to ask the right questions, and you want to see what’s going on with them. And we’re used to it. Google introduced us to that."

In addition to hiring medical professionals, Apple is talking more about health care. The company held a Heart Health Night in Union Square last week, answering questions about its gadgets and how they fit into users' health care picture.

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