Apple Looking at Subscription TV Service: Report

The world has had two days to recover from the news that Steve Jobs is stepping down as Apple's CEO. Now it's time to get back to work.

And going back to life as normal in Cupertino, means going back to speculating what Apple has in the pipeline next.

Lost in the shuffle of Jobs' Wednesday announcement was word that Apple has products lined up for at least the next 24 months.

With new full-time CEO Tim Cook on hand, reports are surfacing that Apple is working on a new way to deliver video content to televisions.

It has been no secret that Jobs wanted to transform Apple TV from a pet project into something more tangible.

While hackers have had their fun turning Apple TV into media entertainment centers, the average consumer has not had the sex appeal that the line-creating hype that surrounds every new iPad or iPhone

The Wall Street Journal now reports that Cook is looking to boost Apple's presence in the digital video market and that the company is working on new ways to deliver content to televisions, including discussions about possibly launching a subscription service to rival cable.

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