Apple Makes Tim Cook a Wealthy Man

Apple helped make Steve Jobs one of the wealthiest billionaires in the world and the company has been doing its part to help his successor follow in his golden shoes.

New Apple CEO Tim Cook has been given an incentive to perform with one million restricted shares of the company that vest over the next 10 years coming his way.

That is a $390 million value already on top of his $900,000 annual salary. Last year Cook was making $800,000 before Apple's board upped his salary and threw on a $5 million bonus to boot.

Cook was also given restricted stock valued at about $52 million last year.

And in 2008 the board upped the 50-year-old CEO's salary from $718,860 to $800,000 and gave him a $25.6 million bonus for filling in for Jobs the first time he took medical leave.


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