Apple Malware on the Rise

After initial stories about Apple being a target for malware were panned as alarmist drivel, more than 200 Mac users are reporting malware issues on Apple's forums.

Users were claiming being overrun by porn sites, fake protection sites and pop-ups, wrote ZDNet. And while many in-the-know users were blaming the victim/user for installing the malware-laden  "MacProtector" program, it nonetheless is happening. (For standard information, see Symantec's site here.)

"Technically sophisticated computer users are at little risk of falling for one of these scams, whether they use a Mac or a PC. You are very unlikely to find this software installed on my computer, or on John Gruber’s Mac," writes ZDNet's Ed Bott. However, that doesn't mean those people don't deserve a measure of safety.

The truth is that reports months ago showed that Apple and the Mac were vulnerable to malware, but few took it seriously. Just as PCs are routinely affected by malicious programs, Mac is now just as easily a target. By ignoring the problem, Apple is letting down its customers and its brand.

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