Apple Maps Still Not Improved

After releasing a lackluster Maps app to compete with Google Maps, Apple found that its wasn't so easy to eclipse Google's long-used app. In fact, Apple Maps was a failure. 

It would seem that after such a failure Apple would try to update and improve the Maps app, but the Worldwide Developers Conference showed that the app was far from perfected. Instead, it seemed ignored.

“There were multiple improvements that didn’t make it into iOS 8,” an unnamed source told TechCrunch. Unfortunately, Apple still hasn't made a good Map app.

Previous reports said that app would be more reliable, have better labels, accurate points of interest and locations and all with a slicker interface. There were rumors there would be public transit information and "augmented reality", according to TechCrunch. But those didn't show up. The reason? Apparently a lot of the Apple developers left the company and Apple wasn't able to complete their plans. Another unnamed source said, "I would say that planning, project management and internal politics issues were a much more significant contributor to the failure to complete projects than developers leaving the group."
 It's unfortunate that the one thing that has crystallized as Apple's most abject failure, Apple Maps, still hasn't had an overhaul in the last two years. We think that Apple should make it a priority to improve that app instead of letting its users rely on the superior Google Maps.
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