Apple May Strip a G From Verizon's iPhone Dreams

Apple introduced the first generation iPhone with EDGE capabilities even though 3G was widely available at the time.

Now it seems Apple is set to rekindle its wait and see approach with rumors of a 4G iPhone heating up.

A TechCrunch report cites anonymous sources that add some more credence to the iPhone moving to Verizon rumor but at the same time it dampens Utopian visions of a 4G running Verizon smartphone.

Verizon is rolling out its 4G LTE network later this year but TechCrunch says that when the iPhone debuts on the popular network it will only have 3G capabilities.

A second generation Verizon iPhone expected to hit the market until the middle of next year would also be a 3G phone.

For Apple's part the move makes sense. The company is notorious for trying to control everything about its products to ensure a consistent user experience.

Verizon's 4G network may be up and running by the end of the year but it will not be available in all areas and it is plausible that it will have some kinks to work out before it is Apple ready.

Still with Android phones, such as the HTC Evo, that can run on 4G, the move will give new fodder to Apple haters, who have long criticized the company for its attachment to AT&T.

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