Apple Now Sells More IPhones Than the Number of Babies Being Born

If you're one of those readers who thinks that we tend to jabber on too much about the iPhone here, here's a mind-numbing statistic to chew on.

Just released global sales figures for the last quarter show that during that period, Apple sold more new iPhones that the total number of babies born worldwide.

No, that doesn't mean that we should just hand baby their new iPhone in the maternity room, but it's still pretty stunning news. Specifically, during fiscal Q1 of 2012 (October-December 2011) an average of 377,900 new iPhones were sold each day, while just 371,000 babies were born during the typical 24 hour period. That adds up to a grand total of 37,040,000 iPhones in just three months.

To be fair this period does include major gift giving holidays like Christmas, so the rate probably won't hold up year round. Still, if people somehow kept their iPhones for a lifetime, it would probably make sense to simply rename the planet iWorld.

Cult Of Mac, via Gizmodo

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