Apple Picks a Date for iPad 2 Reveal

Rumors about what the next iPad will or will not have will all be answered on March 2. Maybe.

Apple will hold a media event March 2 in San Francisco, where many think the iPad-maker will reveal the details of what its second generation tablet computer will hold.

Invitations went out Wednesday and from the art it looks like the unveiling will be an iPad2. The calendar peels away from an Apple device that certainly appears to be an iPad. There is also a huge "2" on the invitation, which could have a double meaning: it is happening on March 2, and it is an iPad "2."

For months there have been rumors about what might be on the iPad 2. Speculation centers around a new front-facing camera so that people can use it for video chats. It is also supposed to be thinner and weigh less and come with a bigger built in speaker.

Regardless of what the rumors suggest, Apple has to come up with something impressive.

After the Cupertino-based company sold about 15 million iPads since they were first introduced last year, several other companies have introduced tablet computers of their own, many with more advanced features.

Apple CEO, Steve Jobs, is not expected to be at the event since he is on medical leave.

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