Apple Pops Square's Commercial Cherry

It was only a matter of time before Square and Apple finally consummated their marriage.

After all Square founder Jack Dorsey has long been an admirer of Steve Jobs and the company did play a role in the credit card processing company's name and development.

Now as of Monday Square says its small attachment that turns almost any smartphone into a credit card processing machine is now available at 9,000 locations across the country, including Apple Stores.

In the past, users had to sign up for Square attachment on the San Francisco-based startups website and wait for their free Square to come in the mail.

But now small business owners who don't want to wait, can simply trek down to an Apple Store, a Radio Shack, Best Buy, Wal-Mart or Target stores to pick up the device.

The company's release did not say whether the device would be free in the stores or not.

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