Apple Sent Tim Cook to China, Encourages Suicide Nets at Foxconn: Report

Apple says it deployed COO Tim Cook and helped convince Foxconn to attach large nets to its building to help combat a rash of suicides at the iPhone-maker's China contractor that fabricates several of its products.

A new report released by Apple documents how the Cupertino-based company worked to combat problems, such as worker exposure to dangerous chemicals and child labor, with its overseas suppliers.

Perhaps the most glaring information from the 25 page report is how Apple tried to deal with 12 suicide attempts that took place at Foxconn's facility in 2010.

This following a highly publicized case where 25-year-old Sun Danyong killed himself after he reportedly loss an iPhone 3GS prototype.

The report dedicates a special section to the Foxconn suicide attempts that drew international headlines and had many question the pressure Apple contractors are forced to work under.

The acting head of Apple while Steve Jobs is on medical leave traveled to China to help the company better understand Foxconn's culture and look for ways to to prevent the suicide attempts, according to Apple.

After conducting an independent survey of 1,000 workers about their "quality of life, sources of stress, psychological health" and meeting with several employees and managers, Apple says it went through the facts behind each suicide and recommended several changes.

In August 2010 Apple says it recommended Foxconn establish a 24-hour care center and hire several crisis counselors.

Foxconn even installed large nets surrounding its factory buildings "to prevent impulsive suicides." The Chinese company has also taken it upon itself to improve moral around all its factories.

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