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Apple to Follow Earnings Decline With New Launch

Fans abuzz with anticipation for tech giant's next big innovation to be unveiled Thursday

After reporting a significant loss in its latest quarterly earnings report this week, Apple Inc. is set for a new launch, and its devoted fans are buzzing about the next big signature product.

The Cupertino-based tech giant saw a year-over-year sales decline of 9 percent and a profit drop of 19 percent in its fiscal fourth quarter, as well as a stock selloff that wiped $20 billion off of its market value. And while people are still buying iPhones by the tens of millions, the numbers have been trending down for some time.

On Thursday, Apple will unveil a new product, and fans can only hope it meets the company's historically high standards for innovation.

"Now, what everybody's asking of course is, has Apple got something new up its sleeve that could be different, that could be another growth product?" analyst Tim Bajarin of Creative Strategies said.

When asked what they would like to see most from Apple, fans indicated an extra camera, separate from the phone, and the much talked about car.

As for what they are likely to see at Thursday's rollout?

"What we want, and what people are expecting, is a new Macbook Pro, new features, better battery life, things of that nature," Bajarin said.

The Apple event begins at 10 a.m. Thursday.

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