Apple Wants to Be Your Gym Buddy

Apple filed a patent for an application that would serve as a personalized fitness service, according to a report Friday.

"Features would include how-to videos for equipment, as well as the ability to check on classes and possibly schedule training sessions," according to GigaOm. "Social networking would also play a role in the app, with possible features including finding a 'workout buddy,' as well as leaderboards. Users could also be challenged to beat workouts by others through notifications."

If that wasn't enough, there will be some motivational phrases and performance rewards, such as coupons or gifts.(Although probably not to KFC or Baskin-Robbins.)

The patent does mention Nike, a company Apple previously did business with in 2006 when it incorporated both Nike shoes and an iPod. We also reported last month that Apple also patented a device placed in the heel of an athletic shoe to let the wearer know when it's time to get new shoes.

Are these patents all related? Let's hope there's some rhyme or reason to them.

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