Apple Watch Fans Camp Out at LA Store Exclusively Offering the Smartwatch

Apple Watches go on sale Friday, but there's only one place in Los Angeles where you can buy one to wear today.

In fact, it's the only such store in America -- and the line was already snaking around the corner before doors opened Friday morning.

Maxfield, on Melrose Avenue, is one of a few boutiques around the world to offer the hi-tech timepieces to customers, according to the tech company. Apple Stores have watches on display to try on, but won't sell the devices directly to people, referring them to online sales instead.

People camped out in tents, sleeping bags and blankets to get the much-hyped watch, which communicates with the user's phone to provide notifications, track the user's health and, of course, tell the time -- Apple calls the watch its "most personal device ever."

The line continued around the corner and into an alley at 6:45 a.m. Friday morning. It began before 6 p.m. Thursday, according to Twitter users like @Richard Ryan.

One of the people who camped out early was Ira Edelman, who said he was eager to let the watch replace his phone for much of his day-to-day use: "Not having to pull out your phone all the time...'Oh, I got a text message,' so you look down and see."

The only other places to offer Apple Watches worldwide include boutiques in Berlin, Paris, London and Tokyo and resellers in China and Japan.

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