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Apple's Credit Card Accused of Discriminating Against Women

It was a huge move by Apple into the world of high finance. But now, there's an investigation into the company's new credit card over allegations of "sexism."

Among those speaking out is Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, who said he is not happy that the company's new credit card gives him a much higher credit limit than his wife.

Apple launched its credit card with a splash in August. But controversy has now charged in.

First, a tweet from tech entrepreneur and author David Hansson said his Apple card inexplicably gave him 20 times the credit limit as his wife. That was backed up on Twitter by Wozniak, who said his Apple card gave him 10 times the credit limit of his wife, Janet.

New York regulators are now looking into claims that the card discriminates against women.

Apple says its logo is on the card, but the details are handled by Goldman Sachs, which admits it uses a computer algorithm to assign credit scores. The company said it does not discriminate by gender.

Financial advisor Hilary Henderschott said she has heard that before..

"I hear a lot from women that they get treated in a disparaging way to by investment professionals," Henderschott said.

Wozniak said he wants to see that end, one person -- not computer -- at a time.

"We'll trust the computer, and a human being will tell you that's what our computer tells us," Wozniak said. "Technology is more important than humans. My life at Apple was technology was not as important as the humans."

Goldman Sachs said it will soon have a phone number people can call to talk to a human being about credit card concerns. They also say they're thinking about letting couples apply for a joint credit card.

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