Apple's Invite Hints of iPhone 5

Hint at new iPhone?

It's not Cinco De Mayo, but there will be lots of celebrating.

Apple has sent out its much-anticipated invitation - it's got an unveiling coming up on Sept. 12. What's interesting about this one is the not-so-subtle hint about the company's intentions. There's a big "5" in the invitation, and that could only mean one thing, right?

It's assumed by many Apple watchers that the iPhone 5 will be announced at the big event. After all, it's due, it's about time for the holidays, etc, etc.  While the last version, the popular 4S, was mainly changed on the inside, the 5 might (and the Apple faithful are hoping) give us an exoskeletal update. New designs are always cause for comment and demand from Apple.

For the actual results, we'll have to wait until the 12th.  Until then, expect lots of speculation - what the new phone will look like, will it come alongside a new iPad tablet? - leading up to the event itself.

Scott will Tweet from the Apple event. He’s on Twitter: @scottbudman

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