Palo Alto

Apple's iPhone Sales Benefit Tech Companies in Silicon Valley

Apple gets the most attention and makes the most money on iPhone launches but the phone is part of a whole high-tech ecosystem. Lots of local companies got a boost from Friday’s release.

“I get the new iPhone every year,” Jason Rappaport said. “A lot of what I do is based on these devices. They’re just incredibly important devices.”

While new iPhone owners celebrated in the store, people were also cheering in the offices of Activity Hero.

The Sunnyvale-based start-up has an application that helps parents find activities for kids. They said a new phone means new customers.

The new phones also brought attention to Palo Alto’s Beampro Technology. Its robot made it through the line and into the store where it, too, bought the new iPhone.

“It was something I’ve never done before,” Beampro's Brianna Lempesis said. “I was wondering if it would work out. I’m totally by myself, counting on societal responsibility to help me get through.”

The social tracking application “Foursquare” predicts that Apple will sell as many as 15 million iPhones this weekend, which would be a new record for the company.  

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