Apple's Jony Ive Becomes Sir Jony

Steve Jobs' hand-chosen design guru has long been called an innovator and a genius but today he can officially call himself a "sir."

Jony Ive was knighted by the Queen of England Wednesday in a ceremony in London. The man behind the iconic design of the iPhone, iPad, iPod and the MacBook was recognized for his contributions to design and his representation of the British empire.

The ceremony was technically carried out by Princess Anne Louise, the daughter of Elizabeth II, but the queen chooses who the honor is bestowed upon.

Ive was born in Essex, England but has lived in San Francisco for years.

Sir Jonathan's work spearheaded the rebirth of Apple when he partnered with Jobs upon his return to the Cupertino-based company.

Ive's minimalist design has been copied, celebrated and honored with museum exhibits across the globe.

Andy While the title is mostly honorary, there are plenty of rules and conditions that come along with the distinction.

Ive's fellow Brit, Tim Worstall, has a lengthy explanation on the conditions of knighthood at Forbes. You can see a video of the ceremony below.

Congratulations Sir Jony.

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