Apple’s Magical Friend Could Push Its Cable Fantasy

Tech company wants to offer television subscriptions through iTunes

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Apple's latest fantasy could change the way you watch television

Apple is reportedly pitching TV networks about offering a monthly subscription to watch television on iTunes, according to the All Things Digital blog.

The service would reportedly cost $30 and it would not be attached to the "Apple TV box or its long-rumored tablet/slate device."

Instead the service would rival satellite and cable service and capitalize on Apple's 100 million current iTunes customers. The move would also put Apple in direct competition with Comcast and TimeWarner, who are working on a plan to offer television online for free to its cable customers. It would also change Hulu's on again off again relationship with charging for its content.

The Cupertino, Calif. company has reportedly set a launch date for early 2010 but only Disney has shown any reported interest in the idea. Apple CEO Steve Jobs currently sits on Mickey Mouse's board and he was recently taxed with the challenge of transforming Disney stores into fantasy worlds.

While the move could challenge the comforts of network execs, who have historically been reluctant to complicate their relationship with cable outlets, it could open an avenue to cash in on an audience that is already watching its favorite shows on line. But having magical friends could help Apple's twist some executives' arms.

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