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Archbishop Mitty High School Senior Disenrolled Over Instagram Fitness Photos

An Archbishop Mitty High School senior says she was disenrolled and banned from attending graduation ceremonies after she refused to remove pictures of her workout progress on social media.

Nastassia Ponomarenko, 18, says some administrators at the San Jose high school told her some of the photos she posted on Instagram were too risqué and violated school code. She argues that the images just showed the hard work that led to her fitness transformation.

"She said my pictures were inappropriate on my private fitness accounts," Ponomarenko said.

She says an assistant dean told her the photos violated school policies and gave her a choice, take specific pictures down, or be disenrolled from school.

Ponomarenko decided to keep them up and was forced to leave school last week.

"The policy was too vague," she said. "It’s not my fault if they had said you can't have bikini pictures then I would not have done them."

One of Ponomarenko’s friends started an online petition to fight the disenrollment and so far, more than 17,000 people have signed it.

Ponomarenko will be unable to participate in graduation but will receive her diploma, enabling her to attend San Jose State University in the fall.

Despite the outcome of her decision to leave the photos up, she believes she made the right choice.

"I'm not posting anything too extreme," she said.

NBC Bay Area reached out to the president, dean and principal at Mitty High and have not received any response.

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