South Bay

Armed Robber Shoots Two People in Campbell Bank Parking Lot; May Be Tied to Later Robbery

Police in the South Bay are searching for an armed robber who shot two people Sunday morning and may be tied to another robbery a short time later.

Police in Campbell said a gunman shot two people a little after midnight.

It happened in the parking lot of the First Bank on Campbell and Union avenues.

The pair have been hospitalized, and there are no updates yet on their injuries.

A short time later and a few blocks away, a man matching the same description robbed someone at gunpoint.

Neighbors said they are shaken by what happened.

"We've never thought of this area as an area where people would be shot so it's concerning--it's troubling," neighbor Brian Wilson said.

The person robbed in the second incident was not harmed.

Campbell police are asking anyone who may have noticed anything unusual in that area to call them.

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