San Francisco

Armored Vehicle Strikes Tree in San Francisco

A video circulating on social media is raising questions about an armored vehicle that hit a tree in San Francisco. The tree fell following the collision and needs to be replaced.

The vehicle operated by Garda World was in a bike lane at the time. The bike lanes are new and important to neighbors who keep a close eye on the street. After a neighbor found a downed tree, he went to security cameras to figure out what happened. The neighbor now has got some big questions for an armored car company and the city.

John Entwistle said Wednesday afternoon he walked up to an armored vehicle by a tree down on 17th Street. He had a brief conversation with the workers, then checked his security cameras.

"Looked at the camera a few minutes later when i was making the 311 report to get the tree cut up and then I saw the Garda truck knock into the tree and smash it down," Entwistle said.

Garda World responded with the following statement:

"Thank you for bringing this incident to our attention. We are investigating the incident and will take all disciplinary measures to address it. We will of course cover the damages incurred."

Public works said they will try to figure out if Garda should pay for the damage.

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