Arnie Hates Kids, Women, AIDS Patients

Governator faces protests, state faces lawsuits over cuts to popular programs

The State of California may finally have a budget, but that doesn't mean anybody is happy with it.

School districts across the state, including the San Francisco Unified School District, are considering a class-action lawsuit in order to have enough funds to operate.

The budget signed by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger includes $6 billion in cuts to education.

Another swipe of the pencil by the Governor slashed $20 million for the Department of Public Health's Domestic Violence Program -- which is meant to offer support and services to battered women.

State Senator Leland Yee, D-San Francisco, held a press conference to announce his plan to route $16.3 million from money from funds collected to compensate victims of crimes to keep the programs going.

And if budget cuts affecting women and children weren't enough, protesters descended on San Francisco City Hall today to complain about cuts to state funding for HIV and AIDS research.

Leaving the governor probably even less popular than he already is.

Credit where credit is due, though, in Schwarzenegger's crticisms of the work the Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board is -- or isn't -- doing. After he suggested the agency wasn't working hard enough, it called an emergency meeting.

Problem is, only two of the six board members showed up.

Maybe they'll be looking for work soon, too?

Jackson West has to admit, California will be getting what it refuses to pay for.

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