San Jose

Arrested Naked Man in San Jose Out on Bail

A man arrested for roaming a San Jose neighborhood naked is out on bail.

That's some unwelcome news for residents of the Evergreen community, where the suspect was caught on camera at least twice. The accused is Mark Veregge, a percussionist with the California Symphony and a former Stanford lecturer.

The woman whose video helped police track down the suspect, praised officers for taking her fear seriously and capturing Veregge. But she told NBC Bay Area the fear has not gone away and said she hopes the justice system will be as forceful as the police.

"It's not a good feeling, you know, to feel unsafe in your home," said the woman, who did not want to be identified.

Veregge was arrested for misdemeanor prowling in 2017 while wearing just women's underwear. But we checked records and he was convicted only for loitering and put on probation.

Legal analyst Steven Clark said the district attorney will be tougher this time.

"Because he has a history and because if he has a mental health issue that needs to be addressed that should be part of a probationary term," Clark said.

It could take a while to find out, given the nature of the charge. The DA's Office has one year to go to court. A lot of people in the neighborhood want to see it happen much faster.

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