San Francisco

Art Exhibit of ‘Boiled Parrot' Meat Sparks Controversy in San Francisco

An art exhibit of food cans labeled "BOILED PARROT" has some people squawking, especially because the cans said the meat is from the famed parrots of Telegraph Hill in San Francisco.

The controversial display of food cans supposedly contain locally-harvested parrot meat has people stopping at the Terrific Street store on Grant Avenue, near Filbert Street.

Parrots are beloved by many near Telegraph Hill, where flocks of parrots thrive. The thought of them headed for a dinner plate prompted the following note to be placed at the front of the store: "Your window display is a disgrace. Not at all funny if that's what you think it is. You're in the wrong neighborhood. Shame on you."

To the right of the note, a response reads in part "The writer should find something real to be outraged about, like homelessness..."

The man behind the art is store owner Brady Baltezore.

"Just as your trip to the SF MOMA would be in no way improved by the drunken ghost of Jackson Pollack following you around telling you 'what he meant,' we believe that art is best left to succeed or fail on its own merits," Baltezore said in a statement.

The store has yet to open and Baltezore the shop will sell souvenirs and knick-knacks.

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