50 People Involved in San Jose Melee, Stabbings

Cops say group gathered after Music in the Park.

San Jose officers are looking for 50 to 60 people involved in a downtown melee after last night's Music in the Park concert.

Officers say it happened in and around the McDonald's parking lot on 3rd and San Carlos around 10 p.m. The lot is so small that some of the fighting poured onto the street.

The people were apparently pushed out of a concert by "The Original Stone City Band". That's Rick James' original band. They gathered in the parking lot and that's when the fighting broke out.

Police were quick to the scene, but had to wait for backup before they could break things up.

"The melee was on viewed by one of the patrol officers," Sgt. Luu Pham of the San Jose Police Department told NBC Bay Area. "He put it out for back up units to respond and when we had enough units on scene, we moved in and at that time people pretty much scattered."

Two people were stabbed and two others were injured. Police think the later two were hit with sticks or bats. All four will survive.

From the SJPD release:

One of the groups involved in the fight was predominately Hispanic, the second group predominately African-American.  It is believed that of the five injured persons, the 19-year-old stabbing victim belonged to the African-American group and the remaining four injured persons belonged to the Hispanic group.

So far, there are no arrests.

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