East Bay

At Least 6 Burglaries Hit Upscale East Bay Suburbs Within 24 Hours

Police are investigating at least six burglaries reported in a span of 24 hours throughout Orinda and Moraga.

The crime spike is unusual for the East Bay suburbs known for low crime rates. Police said they do not believe the incidents are connected.

For now, police have on suspect in custody thanks to a homeowner who walked in on a burglary in progress.

Michael Herwood was walking back to his Orinda home early Tuesday when he spotted his own suitcase in the front hall packed with his possessions, including several shotguns.

"I was probably pretty foolish to go check to see if my firearm was still here," Herwood said. "It was not there. He had it. So I called 911."

Police responded and were able to arrest the suspect.

Herwood was able to recover his stolen firearms and other belongings.

The incident at Herwood's home is one of six daytime burglaries to hit Orinda and Moraga in 24 hours.

Omeed Atefi witnessed one of the four burglaries that occurred in Moraga. He said it is a far cry from what he usually sees on Buckingham Drive.

"You know the worst things we have here are speeding tickets," Atefi said. "Maybe drunk kids every now and then."

Authorities said another burglary suspect in Orinda was able to get away on BART. It is possible burglars are looking for easy targets, so police are reminding residents to make sure their windows and doors are locked at all times.

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