Palo Alto

The Atlantic Magazine Profiles High Suicide Rate Near Caltrain Tracks in Palo Alto

The disturbing number of suicides along a Peninsula Caltrain corridor is now the cover story for a prominent publication.

The Atlantic magazine’s December issue is called “The Silicon Valley Suicides," about the high rate of suicides along a four-mile stretch of Caltrain tracks in Palo Alto, many of which have involved young people. Several of those who died were students at the nearby Gunn and Palo Alto high schools. The magazine reported that  10-year suicide rate for the two high schools is between four and five times the national average. The year 2009 saw an unfortunate suicide cluster.

New prevention measures are being taken to improve security along that stretch. In June, new infrared cameras at a busy Caltrain crossing to send an alert to police if someone is lingering near the tracks. Police then could contact Caltrain officials before the train approaches the crossing.

The Palo Alto Weekly reports city, school, and health leaders are now drafting a response to the article.

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