Huff Injured in Giants Dugout Celebration

Wednesday night was a celebration of dominance (and Jet Packs) as Matt Cain mowed through the Astros. But it wasn't all gravy -- Aubrey Huff ended up having a pretty bad night once it was all said and done.

That's because Huff suffered an injury in a pretty embarrassing way Wednesday night: jumping out of the dugout and onto the field while celebrating Cain's perfect game.

“He’s pretty sore,” manager Bruce Bochy said of Huff, per Rael Enteen of

What happened, exactly? Well, just watch the GIF for yourself -- Huff starts somewhere near the camera on the middle of the screen and is the fella you see stumbling onto the field at the end of it.

According to Bochy, the disabled list is a "possibility" but it's "too early to tell" if that's where the first baseman is headed.

The good news is that Huff isn't entirely, um, critical to the Giants offense right now. As Enteen notes, he hasn't started a game since June 2, and his last at bat came on June 10.

Huff's hitting .155/.296/.554 on the season and thanks to the sudden power binge from Brandon Belt, has an awkward one homer on the season.

Still, it's been a pretty tough year for Huff so far, and hopefully his awkward stumble out of the dugout won't lead to any serious long-term problems.

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