“Average” San Francisco Rent Is $2,700

The contest with Manhattan for least-affordable is won.

The most expensive rental market in the country -- but at least it can't get any higher.

As if you didn't know, San Francisco is expensive. Really expensive.

The most expensive for renters, according to data crunched by the San Francisco Chronicle, which reported that rents have at least "plateaued" for the moment, at $2,741 for a one-bedroom apartment.

That's a 22 percent increase from two years ago.

This has hit Oakland as well. Rents in the East Bay city are up 28.5 percent from 2010, with $1,961 the asking price for a one-bedroom apartment in The Town.

This makes huge swaths of the city "hot" neighborhoods. "Marina, Cow Hollow, Pacific Heights, Russian Hill, North Beach, the Mission, the Haight and Hayes Valley," are all "hot," a realtor told the newspaper. So Ingleside, Sunset, Excelsior and Bayview -- you're still out.

An entertaining anecdote: a well-paid couple with good credit and references visited a "tiny" one-bedroom on Fulton Street. The kitchen had a big hole in the ceiling. Rent: $2,400.

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