Awaiting FDA's Approval of COVID-19 Vaccine

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Medical facilities and local governments across the country and in the Bay Area are expecting the FDA’s approval of the Pfizer coronavirus vaccine Wednesday, and vaccinations to begin next week.

The FDA said its review of the data suggests while everyone needs two shots, the vaccine was 50% effective after the first dose and 95% effective after the second.

And when those doses arrive, they’ll be stored inside specialized freezers at minus 94 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Dr. Chad Krilich, chief medical officer at Providence St. Joseph Health in Sonoma County, is confident in the supply and storage of the vaccine and he’s hoping there’s a high demand for it as well. 

“Also the importance of conveying to the community the importance of the safety of the vaccine and being sure that people do get vaccinated,” he said.

More vaccines appear to be on the way. Moderna’s expecting FDA approval next week with Johnson and Johnson’s expecting the green light in January.

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