Baby Bald Eagle on Road to Recovery After Falling From Milpitas Nest

A juvenile bald eagle that fell from its Milpitas nest is on the road to recovery thanks to an East Bay wildlife hospital.

The bird, nicknamed Lucky, was transported to the Lindsay Wildlife Hospital in Walnut Creek.

Video shows the baby eagle in its Milpitas nest just last week testing out its wings as it prepared to fly. But the baby is believed to have fallen from the tree on Sunday.

Officers with the Department of Fish and Wildlife tried placing it back on a branch Monday, but the bird took another tumble. Officer then brought the 3-month-old bird to the wildlife hospital to get checked out.

Besides some bruising on its wing, some dehydration and being a bit on the thin side, doctors said the bird is in good condition.

Vets hope to reunite the baby eagle with its parents so they can help it as it learns to fly and hunt.

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