Lights, Camera, Action for Baby Hasani

SF Zoo's baby gorilla holds first media event

One of the cutest new residents of the San Francisco Zoo held his first media event this morning.

Hasani the baby gorilla was born in December but was abandoned by his mother so the zoo brought in a surrogate, Bawang, for the young primate.

For the past five months, zoo staff and vets have been helping raise Hasani and teaching Bawang how to best provide for the baby ape. The two are now inseparable. Specialized staff also introduced Hasani to the rest of the troop and his Auntie, Zura.

All three gorillas had their first 15 minutes of fame together -- surely not to be their last -- outside the Jones Family Gorilla Preserve exhibit at the zoo.

The public will be able to see Hasani, Bawang and Zura everyday from 10 a.m. to noon in the gorilla play area.

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